DorKchAt logo We, the downtrodden and laughed at, the dweebs and the geeks, the nerds and dorks of the world, do hereby declare this to be our little corner of the 'net. Come join us in a glorious celebration of dorkdom. Meet all the other dorks on 'net and have fun gabbing with all of us. Masking tape holding your glasses together is optional.
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Please note that we are not responsible for headaches, heartaches, toothaches, pattycakes, psoriasis, fungal infections, acne, stubbed toes, runny nose, runs in hose, fender-benders, loss of tattoos, loss of hearing, loss of loose change, loss of rabbits' feet, loss of sanity, loss of sleep, or green coloration of the skin contracted from chatting with us. We will take credit for loud guffaws of laughter though.
Come as you are ... dare to bare your inner dork.
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